Unique Suffering

When I read an important book, I underline the important messages. Then, I go back and type out each of those underlined messages. It increases my learning and content memory by moving from visual to tactile. Often, I will then review all of my key notes when I want to freshen up.

Today, I was reviewing my notes from "The Way of Transformation," by Karl Graf Durckheim. It's one of my favorite books. He wrote,

"The loss of contact with greater life becomes evident in our relationship to the world, wherein we lopsidedly develop only those abilities which help us rationally to understand and dominate our surroundings. This delusion creates a barrier which separates us from Divine Being and plunges us into a specifically human suffering. Yet it should not be forgotten that this same suffering which is the result of estrangement from Divine Being can itself become the means whereby Divine Being may at some time shine out against the background of our misconceptions. For when the suffering caused by estrangement has grown so great that we are overwhelmed by despair and by the fear of being cut off from our roots, we may, at that moment, find ourselves ready to open to Divine Being, which is all the time striving to deflect us from our lopsided concern with the world and turn us towards itself."

It is a wonderful reflection and reminder of moving inside to deal with our own unique form of suffering that we have created. When any of us encounter a situation in which we are estranged from our true being, when we are invaded and overwhelmed by the affairs of the horizontal world, we can erect a road sign back to ourselves, a road sign that says, "I chose this. Nobody made me feel what I am feeling. And because of this, I can change my mind and choose again."

Metaphors be with you, as Terry tells me all of the time.