Are You Willing to Know?

I maintained a very disciplined meditation practice for 10 years from roughly 1979-1990. Over those 10 years, I learned how to "trip the light fandango," have out-of-body experiences, saw all kinds of dazzling lights, and at the end of it all, I realized that meditation was not necessary. But it took those 10 years of practice to learn that.

I believed then, as many do today, that acquiring access to Nirvana, the Void, or whatever you want to call it, was the goal. If it meant becoming a Buddhist, then so be it. But I would ask any person who is serious about their development and their evolution, what is the true goal? Could it possibly be that after having taken birth on this heavenly sphere that the goal is to somehow try to figure out how not to be here?

Medco Health Solutions produced a report that provided a snapshot of mental health conditions in the US, focusing on the significant increases in medication from 2001-2010. In a nutshell, we are literally going crazy. There are a lot of people who are trying to figure out how not to be here. Medication, drug use, addictive and recreational, material acquisition, constantly being entertained and amused in your time, etc., these are common strategies for trying to figure out how to deal with life and to deal with the most rewarding issue you could ever choose to deal with: what is the reason for my existence? Suffering is a way of life for most people on this planet and it is easy to find an incredibly large number of reasons as to why one would not want to be here. But this can't possibly be the reason you exist: to suffer. What has happened to us? And most importantly, what has happened to you?

Modern psychology has a keen ability to analyze darkness...but that's all. It is incapable of empowering, of teaching abundance and peace. It analyzes what I refer to as the "fixed-tape-loop." FTLs are those repetitive mental, physical, and emotional patterns that cannot be solved by analyzing them. Neutralized by medication? Yes. But not solved. FTLs are the response patterns to life learned over time that allowed you to survive. But once again, do you really think that is what your existence is about? Surviving? This cannot be true because you won't.

If you analyze your most negative self-perception, you will clearly see that you made it up. You are the architect of the greatest illusion of you life. And because you made it up, you can make up something else. Now, if you're not willing to hear that and know that and don't have the courage to walk that path, then you may be interested in therapy which can verify your negative self-talk and provide you with medication to deal with it. If you are willing to hear this, would you consider that there is a much bolder, much more amazing reason you exist that will resolve the FTL issues? And if there was, are you willing to know it?