A Coaching Model: Get Your POPs First

I am often asked why people keep repeating the same behavior over and over again, even when there are negative consequences both at work and at home. I can tell you why.

For every behavior, there is a POP…a positive outcome payoff. In order words, for the individual, there is at least one good reason to engage in that particular behavior. Now, the POP may be simply related to the individual’s need to survive, to the individual’s need to be right…but it is still a POP, even if it is painful.

The negative behavior (the squeaky wheel) is always what gets the grease. It becomes the focal point of the performance evaluation, the assessment process, or the angry exchange between colleagues.

But the behavior itself is never why the behavior occurred. You will experience less coaching success trying to change the behavior. As many people discover, confronting the limitation often only advances the limitation. But you will experience transformation if you can identify and address the source.

Distinguishing between cause and effect can be elusive for both parties. Effects tend to be very sensory, very tangible, and can even be assessed. But the source of effect resides within the intangible, non-linear, invisible traces of the human mind…but it can be identified.

Helping the individual map out a different payoff pattern, seeing beyond the effectual, sensory outcomes of a situation, and helping the other person see themselves differently is an important part of our coaching foundation.

A powerful reminder for both the coach and the individual being coached...you are not the effect…you are the source of the effect. As such, you are free to change the effect, the outcome, anytime you desire. That is our true source of personal power and our avenue to accountability.