Stalking the Wild Pendulum

In Itzhak Bentov's 1977 "Stalking the Wild Pendulum," Bentov writes, "We all know the human reality, but what probably most of us don't know about it is that human consciousness can be taught to expand and learn how to interact with the whole spectrum of realities we have described in our diagram. This is the real meaning of the phrase 'expansion of consciousness.' It means that our cerebrospinal nervous system is capable of being developed to such a point that we can tune in on any of these realities, from the lowest mineral to the very highest spiritual levels. The expression 'development of the nervous system,' then, as used in this book, is synonymous with the expansion of consciousness."

The reader may be aware that expansion of consciousness which is a component of many different schools of personal development is often predicated upon an individual's ability to be still. Essentially, the level of signal you are able to pick up is dependent upon the level of background noise. If you can't be still, all you hear and all you are bombarded with is the noise in your head...the noise that you made up.

The fields of information that are available to us when we can learn to step out of the race and into the stillness are dynamics that produce internal conditions that are free from doubt, self-evident,

self-existent, absolute, indisputable, unifying, and beyond the drama of dualism and intellectual judgment. Wee see the relationship of the part to the whole and the whole to the part. We see the unifying cradle in which all life is held in balance and safety and we understand that "it" is all there is. We get to experience unity in a world that in the American culture is predicated on the complete absence of unity and instead, a reality based on conflict, fear and the pursuit of material gain.

When the Dow and the S&P are at all time highs and simultaneously 47 million Americans are on food stamps, there is no peace, balance or safety for the most. We invite disaster beyond all imagination when we fail to see the need for unity in all levels of our lives...from the individual to the collective. Never before has it been so needed in this country.

As Bentov writes, "His goal is the evolution of consciousness. He uses opposing forces of good and evil to stimulate evolution."

Unity offers the individual and the planet the security that all seek. But why wait on others to pave the way? How can each of us practice a greater level of unity in life...of using everything that happens as a tool, as a mechanism of experiencing unity with life itself? The answer, as always, lies within each of us.

Lower the noise and hear the signal.