The issue of wholeness and completion is inextricably woven into the nature of being a human being. Determining the nature of your existence and defining the path of your evolution lies at the heart of this issue. As each of us proceeds, we seek where we think that wholeness can be found and will use the event, person or thing as a means of finding it. Herein lies the problem.

Is it possible that any human being is born incomplete? Is it possible to "find" wholeness and completion in life? I would contend that incompletion does not exist and therefore, completion can not be found. My observation is that many people utilize relationships as a means of accomplishing wholeness, believing that the "other" will provide what is missing, that the "other" will serve as the missing piece to the puzzle, that the "other" holds the key. Because there is nowhere to get to in life, it is logical to assume that there is no way to get nowhere. And if there's no way to get nowhere, it is also logical to assume that each of us must be standing exactly where we are supposed to be standing. If nowhere exists, then here (now here) would be its natural conclusion.

As a result, the futile seeking of that which does not exist can only result in disappointment. Seek but do not find is the motto of the human mind. Simultaneously, however, as in the essential nature of relationships, you cannot find completion by way of another yet, without the other, you have no chance of experiencing your own wholeness and completion.

Said another way, "A" does not exist until "B" does. And perhaps it is a matter of creating a new fairy tale for yourself...one that begins with "I am whole and complete and wouldn't it be cool to share that completion with someone, not needing anything from them to be whole and complete?" Since seeking has now been eliminated, we are free to experience not only ourselves as whole and complete but experience others as being whole and complete, too, whether they are aware of it or not.

And while it may require many lifetimes to get to this place of consciousness, to this level of awareness...while it may require numerous relationships and heartbreaks...each of us will realize at that moment that it was then and is now simply a decision. It is a lsight shift in attitude. You can't find completion because incompletion doesn't exist. Decide for yourself.