Mis-es Are Bridges

A working definition of the mind that we use in MindSpring and WellSpring programming is: the mind is a linear arrangement of multi-sensory recordings of successive moments in the here and now. But, of course, it is much more than that.

To begin, it is vital to understand the significance around the word "recordings." The mind cannot not "record." It cannot not remember. It cannot not listen. It cannot not see. Once the mind registers a "recording," that "recording" is there forever. You cannot erase the recorded content of the mind...but you can transform that content by being willing to see it a different way. Everyone has been hurt, damaged, betrayed, etc. and those recordings are part of the mind's content: judgment, belief, opinion, perception, position, projection, prejudice. But the trick in learning to tame your mind and master the flow of your mental awareness is understanding that it's just content...it's just stuff. It does not represent truth. It does represent your recording of the event.

Neural physics states that the mind records approximately 40 billion bits of information each second. That's a lot of recordings! But the mind only pays attention to a tiny bit of those 40 billion bits...bits related to immediate comfort, safety, acceptance, pleasure, etc.

In dealing with truth, the mind is full of mis-es: mis-perception, mis-application, mis-combination, mis-creation, mis-use, mis-placement, mis-understanding, mis-composition, mis-representation, mis-observation, etc. Mind is the creator and foundation of your personal delusions and is the foundation of your personal failures. It is extremely limited in wisdom, taking most individuals well past their their most powerful years of creative energy before they gain a greater wisdom in life. Even this wisdom is tragically limited as it is built upon the mis-es. All mental errors and life scripts (illusions) are the result of the mis-combination of its content because it assumes its content is a true reflection of what is going. Not only what is going on but why it is going on the way it is.

In spite of the figurative names I have applied above, I will put it in the simplest terms I can: You are crazy and you know it. But the good news is you're not crazy for the reasons you think. If you weren't crazy, you would be happy, fulfilled, wise and possessing great understanding of the world and your place in it. It's OK to be crazy and I can prove it. So, lighten up and stop making your craziness special (another mis-). Everybody's crazy.

In any case, because it is so limited in consciousness, the mind has no choice but to seek to supplement its already questionable use of mis-es with mental imagination which is essentially taking the liberty to extract from something plainly visible, tangible and physical things that are not visible, tangible, or physical...and once again, assumes that its metaphysical conclusions represent truth. But they don't. However, these imaginations that often lead to mis-es can also end in realization and self-fulfillment if there is enough strength, focus and belief in that imagination or idea formation. This can be, of course, positive or negative.

In fact, I would suggest there a mathematical formula that exists within the vertical realm (intangible, non-linear, invisible)  that says this: the distance that exists between the moment you choose "it," and the moment you experience "it" is a numerical value representing how good you are at the creative process, how good you are at creating something out of nothing. Some people take lifetimes to create their dreams. Some people take a few moments.

On the other hand, your mind is in constant receipt of inspirations, revelations and wisdom. The mind is a seeker of truth, possibilities and potentialities. However stumbling and bumbling it proceeds, it can disengage from the mental limitations and constraints of the mis-es and can create liberation, dreams come true, and deep fulfillment.

So, the question should be obvious and immediate: What is the true role of being crazy? Is it possible that being crazy is a tool of your true being, of the Divine inside of you? Is it possible that your mis-es are bridges into your realization of heaven on earth?