Point 5

In the "Mis-es Are Bridges" posting, I spoke briefly about imagination.

I would like to capitalize on that by giving the reader an opportunity to use their imagination in a powerful and productive manner. Remember, imaginations that linger in the mind that persist, can often lead to realization and fulfillment, so, that's another reason for working with this idea. Try it on and see where you end up, see what it is you can see yourself and the world differently.

To begin, imagine a line that is composed of five separate points, with empty space between each point. Make that line as long as you want...an inch or a mile but keep the empty space between each point. At the 1st and 5th points, place yourself in such a way that you are looking at the next four points. So, on the left side of the line, at Point 1, you can see yourself in Point 5. In Point 5 you can see yourself in Point 1. Now, at Points 2, 3 and 4, place the following in the order that they are listed.

Point 2: I am the perceiver of the thing being perceived. Point 3: I am the perception of the thing being perceived. Point 4: I am the thing being perceived.

What do you see? What is your imagination willing to consider is true?

As I said in the previous posting, the mind does not hold truth...but it can conceive of it. What can you conceive is true in this arrangement?

Try this one on.

Point 2: I am the actor/actress. Point 3: I am the play. Point 4: I am the stage.

The distinction between the awarenesses of Point 1 and Point 5 is the same distinction that exists between a life lived in confusion and suffering (Point 1) and a life lived in knowledge, self-awareness and Light (Point 5). Enlightenment (Point 5) doesn't mean that you get to escape and no longer be subjected to the suffering, the injustices, the grief and the pain of the world but it does mean you get to understand it! If you listen, you will hear, if you hear you will understand, if you understand, you can appreciate, if you appreciate, you can accept. And if you can accept, you will know peace that everyone seeks and few ever find.

The power you have to unify your Self with all things, all people and all events will liberate you from the mental prison to which you have subjected yourself. This doesn't mean that you necessarily want to have dinner with your enemies but it does mean you get to understand!

It is so difficult for each of us to get out of heads, to seize what is beyond our mental limitation, to see the whole in the part, to see the perfection in the imperfection, to see the good in the bad, to see the Divine in the Undivine. Without question and with great accuracy, it can be observed that if you believe something, you will see it even if it's not there! But it can also be stated without question and with great accuracy that if you don't believe something, you won't see it even though it's standing right in front of you! The mental power of the mind and of belief is that strong.

So, the object is to use your imagination and choose to believe something even though you can't see it. Teach your Self to see it, to feel it, to have it, to sense it. Apply your willpower, your desire, your courage, your self-discipline and your power of choice.

The law of contradictions state that two opposing and conflicting affirmations cannot both be true. So, which one are you...Point 1 or Point 5? Be Point 5 and see the whole unfolding that includes the lesser you (Point 1), the suffering you, the unfulfilled you, the you that can't sleep well, etc.

And then, imagine.