The Psycho in You

The mind is the psycho-part of the word psychosomatic. The body is the somatic-part of the word psychosomatic.  The mind comes up with something and sends the signals of what it has come up with to the body. The body is the somatic container that holds the content of the mind. The body is a road map of your journey through life.

In its most natural state, the body exists in a condition of health and well-being. It is the castle from which you observe the world. It is a physical representation of you and is simultaneously not you. In other words, you have a body but you are not your body. And you understand this. You have a car but you are not you car. Notice, that if you think you are, then, you probably have some issues you are working with. You have money but you are not your money. Notice, that if you think you are, then, you probably have some issues you are working with. But you still change the oil in your car every 3,000 miles to maintain the most effective performance. You are not your car but you take care of it. You still get a medical physical each year. You are not your body but you take care of it.

There is a strong possibility...and this is not news...that everything is psychosomatic. Every thought. Every sensation. Every emotion. Imprisoned or free, it is yours to choose, regardless of the circumstances. Peaceful or revengeful, it is yours to choose.

As you look around you, it is difficult to see that the world in which we live is in any way related to truth or love or justice or anything redeemable. It's a crazy place. It is even more difficult to learn that the physical world does not hide truth or love or justice but is an expression of it! But to see the beauty and love and meaning in the physical world means that you have to submit to a complementary action of discovery into greater depths of your own inner being. In other words, you can only see out there in the world what you see inside yourself.  The outer is a manifestation of the inner. And if you do not get it, that is what makes you "psycho."

We must learn to unify our perceptions (the psycho-part of psychosomatic) so that we see and understand that there is no physical part of the world or the cosmos which is void of meaning and relationship to our lives. When that unifying connection is absent, then we always feel disconnected, confused or out of whack (the somatic-part of psychosomatic). And when we do not see appropriately, we do not behave appropriately. And so on and so on and so on. But when we consciously choose to see not with our eyes and sensory fields but with our hearts and minds that rise above the chaos and craziness of the everyday world, we see order and meaning. When you see order and meaning out there, it is because you see order and meaning in you..

It begins as an inner work that is achieved in your inner being and is then consciously and deliberately projected onto the outer world. This inner work becomes a bridge from one level of consciousness to the next, from guilty to forgiven, from unloved to adored, from fearful to safe. But where does it begin? It is simply a choice.

With this in mind, is happiness psychosomatic? Yes. Is self-forgiveness psychosomatic? Yes. Is good health psychosomatic? Yes. Is personal power psychosomatic? Yes. Do you have to earn it? No. Do you have to deserve it? No.

You have only to choose it.