It Ain't the Equipment

I have had the privilege in my lifetime of creating and building two ideas that would bring me such deep satisfaction and fulfillment in my life. We began the march on creating and building the third idea about four months ago.

"WellSpring" is that third idea for me, the most important work in which I have ever been involved. We expect to be fully operational by November 1 of this year and I am certain of the powerful impact it is going to have on people's lives. I'm like a 10 year old with a brand new bike, but a special kind of bike. ( We are in the process of moving beyond anywhere any of us have been.

In a WellSpring meeting the other day, I was reminded of an encounter I had many years ago that has supported me many times in life, just as it does now as we build "WellSpring." I trust my memory is correct.

I began my teaching career in 1973 at St. Andrew's School in Tennessee. I was also coaching three sports a year and was a defensive back coach for the football program, coaching under the man who had been my football coach in high school, Bill Stetson.

One afternoon, we were walking together toward the gym for practice and I complained about the lack of equipment we had to teach certain skills. Bill solved my problem by telling me a story.

Bill had been an All-American baseball player at Hofstra University where in his last two years, the team had lost only one game each year, losing to the same team each time.

"The funny thing is, Haydn, they didn't even have a baseball field to practice on. They practiced on a large, asphalt, church parking lot. Haydn, it ain't the equipment."

When certain equipment came up in a WellSpring discussion the other day and how necessary the equipment was, I remembered that encounter and what Bill said to me. "Haydn, it ain't the equipment."

Always believing that what we need to be OK is somehow outside of, money, success, security, equipment, etc...we learn and often painfully about how the equipment deal really works.

What you want in life is the same thing as what you get. It ain't the equipment.