The Promise of Freedom

All by myself, I realized I was a lot further from shore than I thought. Just bobbing up and down in the water, relaxing, it was so very perfect. But, I thought, it's dangerous this far out. I probably should go in.

I noticed about halfway between me and the familiar North Carolina shore a line of large boulders around which the water moved smoothly without crashing into them. People lingered around and on the natural, uneven barrier, enjoying the beautiful day. The lazy, warm sun shone on everyone and everything.

Suddenly there was a huge movement beneath me beginning to lift me up like being on an elevator. The enormity of this body of water made me quickly realize that I had no control. I was going where it was going. Larger  and larger, higher and higher, it grew.

Easily, I lay prone on the swell where I began to glide effortlessly on the face of this tidal wave, increasing my speed each second. My arms outstretched I quickly realized that the line of rocks were ahead and though they were being covered with water as the swell moved closer, I didn't want to hit them. With the smallest movement of my spine. I veered to the left of a boulder and was once again being carried to shore like a feather. As the wave crashed, it continued to move me forward, releasing me at the end with a gentle push where on shore. I enjoyed lying in the warm sand and feeling the tiny bits of broken shells on my skin. My breath was slow and even. I felt like a feather being moved by a gentle exhale.

When I woke up from the dream, I realized something had happened. I understood a deeper implication of what I have sought my whole life to know, the peace of mind that comes from the act of surrender.

Karl Graf Durckheim in "The Way of Transformation" says, “When we finally come to see the manner in which events and people coincide to manifest our greatest good we will discover that we have existed in two worlds, one within the other. And that the only difference between our illusion and our enlightenment is a slight difference in attitude. We will discover that nothing which happens in or around us is in vain or without its appointed place and just significance. We will see that we are on this earth for a specific purpose and out of that seeing we will attain a conscious surrender offering ourselves as an instrument of the new creative power manifesting in the world. The key to this realization is the willingness and ability to live spontaneously, no plans, no foresight but oneness with the great flow which makes you execute at each instant the necessary gesture. In doing this you will align yourself with the infinite intelligence which governs infallibly all of natures movements including the flights of birds, and the motion of planets, and for which nothing is separate, nothing different. It is a consciousness which knows itself each instant everywhere and thus knows each instant the right action, the right direction, the exact arrangement of everything and without thinking about it. It knows the real need of each thing and the correct movement at each moment."

Is it possible that the loss and the gain are so inextricably interwoven that the just significance of each event is already stamped with our greatest good intended, embedded in the fabric of the event itself? Is it possible that we can navigate the beautiful and unbearable pathways of life as easily as the planets spin their motions through space through the act of surrender, allowing us to execute at each instant the right gesture? Is it possible that the distance between our pain and our bliss is infinitesimally  small, just a slight difference in our attitude? Is it possible that a tidal wave in my mind is in reality a bridge to another world? Is it possible than in the act of setback and failure and loss lies the promise of freedom?

It can be said that a person truly believes something only when he acts as if it was true. Let us act today as if the promise of surrender is not only true but that the bridge is under our feet at this moment. May each of us let go a little more and then a little more and then a little more to make room for the warm sand and assured safety of the next unfolding moment, whatever that moment may be.