Remember Who You Are

What mission and purpose in life comes down to is essentially determining what the nature of your existence is all about. It is the basic problem that lies at the heart of most of our problems. I keep talking about this because it's true.

It can be quite a stretch to come to grips with the question of your existence when you have a six and a two year old in the house, a mortgage, a car payment, and you've been up since 3:00 AM tending to one of the children. But go ahead and ask yourself, "Why am I here?" And if need be, ask yourself again, "Why am I here?"

Let your mind drift a're on planet Earth, rotating on its axis at about 1040 miles per hour, while orbiting the Sun at an astonishing rate of about 67,000 miles per second. You have taken birth on a planet that belongs to one of an infinite number of galaxies in a universe that keeps expanding. And in the middle of these extraordinary circumstances, the question must be and will be eventually asked, "Why am I here?" It must be pretty profound considering the environment you're in!

To a certain degree, a person's answer is the fairy tale to which they consciously or unconsciously adhere. There are so many, many choices available! But if you examine your reason for being here closely, could it not be said that your life and how you encounter all of the circumstances in your life proceeds out of that decision, out of the reason you consider you're here in the first place? Do not those circumstances tend to match up to and resemble that decision? Does your life or does your life not tend to match outcomes with your intention for it?

So, back to the fairy tale. As stated in previous blogs, many people believe that the objective is not to be here at all...must be some kind of cosmic mistake. And that's the way a lot of people live...they clearly don't want to be here. Planet Earth can be a demanding place to inhabit. But it's a directional fairy tale. The objective is not to be here so that when you die, you will go to "IT," whatever that may be for you. Again, "YOU"will go to "IT."

But what if "IT" was trying to come to you instead of "YOU" trying to get to "IT?" What if the purpose of your existence, even at 3:00 AM in the middle of cleaning up vomit and comforting a fever, was about your willingness to allow "IT" to come to you? If you're open to considering a different fairly tale, to considering a different reason for your existence, I've got one for you: To serve as an instrument for "IT" (and whatever you consider "IT" to be.).

If I had to give "IT" a name, I would say "THE DIVINE." And you can't go wrong if you call "IT" by another name: "LOVE." So, if we restate it, what if your existence is about serving as an instrument for Love? Consider changing the direction of the movement...allow it to penetrate open to the possibility that you have been selected to be this year's recipient for demonstrating "LOVE."

In every doubt you encounter, every fear that grips your being, every moment of self-doubt, every instance of pain and loss, in every moment of betrayal...remember who you are and what you're doing here. In every relationship, in every moment of confusion and feeling overwhelmed, remember who you are and what you're doing here. Call into yourself the power to rise above your mind's ceaseless limitations and mental traps. Rise above the problem and you will see that the problem can best be solved by first determining the reason for your being here in the first place.

It is the fairy tale above all fairy tales: You are the Divine seeking the physical experience in Time of being your Self, of serving as an instrument for "IT." Through this power, you can transform the world in which not only you live but in which we all live. Let me ask you once more, "Why are you here?" Why would you force your beautiful Self to accept a lesser reality? Remember who you are.