Lesson 33: The Discovery of Spirit


The more you practice being still, you more you are able to see the difference between your daily agitation and true action. Agitation is not action. Being inundated with worry and drama is not action. Mental grinding day in and day out is not action. Emotional turmoil and sleeplessness is not action.

How strange it is that the action needed to become more conscious is not movement of any kind but the absence of it. Conscious action is not the gaining of anything. It is the emptying of everything: judgments, beliefs, opinions, expectations, positions, perceptions, projections. Stillness has a way of decreasing, if not dissolving, the energy surrounding all of the content of your mind, the very content that is creating the turmoil in the first place. Your narrow vision is at the heart of your suffering and this could change in a holy second if you choose.

“A vacant consciousness watched from within
Empty of all but bare Reality.
There was no will behind the word and act,
No thought formed in her brain to guide the speech:
An impersonal emptiness walked and spoke in her,
Something perhaps unfelt, unseen, unknown
Guarded the body for its future work.
There was no person there, no centered mind,
No seat of feeling on which beat events
Or objects wrought and shaped reaction’s stress,
There was no motion in this inner world,
All was a still and even infinity.
In her Unseen, the Unknown waited his hour.”

The paradoxes and pain that infiltrate your life and the profound insanity that is embedded in the world around you can only resolved by being able to see reality. Whenever the pressure descends upon you, you will notice that escape from that pressure is among the mind’s first responses. But your object should not be to struggle against the pain, to escape, but to retreat within, to seek the mystic cave that resolves all matters, large and small, because the good and the bad go together. Everything is perfectly connected and until you learn to see that, you will suffer.

The stability you seek is not about expanding “out there” somewhere, about acquiring more, about having more. The stability you seek is about a movement within you, about going deeper and deeper, to uncover the truth that lies within you because you must become one with that truth and have the courage to live that truth out. And when you do, you will meet transformation along the way. Transformation and truth are inseparable.

In the meantime, the unconscious play of unreal thought is the dominant characteristic of unconsciousness. Put another way, it is seeing something that is not there, not knowing that, and acting as if it is real when in fact it is not real. This is what lies at the heart of your progress…being able to discern what is real and what is not real. If it is real, it is not threatenable. If it is threatenable at any level, it is not real and if it is not real, then it does not exist. It’s not complicated!

“It was her self, it was the self of all,
It was the reality of existing things,
It was the consciousness of all that lived
And felt and saw; it was Timelessness and Time,
It was the Bliss of formlessness and form.

It was all Love and the one Beloved’s arms,
It was sight and thought in one all-seeing Mind,
It was joy of Being on the peaks of God.
She passed beyond Time into eternity,
Slipped out of space and became the Infinite;
Her being rose into unreachable heights
And found no end of its journey in the Self.
It plunged into the unfathomable deeps
And found no end to the silent mystery
That held all world within one lonely breast,
Yet harboured all creation’s multitudes.
She was all vastness and one measureless point,
She was a height beyond heights, a depth beyond depths,
She lived in the everlasting and was all
She was the godhead hid in the heart of man
She was the climbing of his soul to God
The cosmos flowered in her, she was its bed.
She was Time and the dreams of God in Time;
She was Space and the wideness of his days
From this she rose where Time and Space were not;
The superconscient was the native air,
Infinity was her movement’s natural space.
Eternity looked out from her on Time.”

Savitri is now ready to fulfill her destiny for she has discovered the all-pervading spirit within her being. To be clear, she IS the spirit within. She hasn’t discovered IT. She has discovered she is IT. She sees the oneness in the many, the truth hidden behind the ignorance of everyday life, the vastness in the inches, the eternity in the seconds of time, and the circle that has no circumference. This is what she IS.

But it is also who you are, always have been, and always will be. And yet, the higher you go, you more difficulty you will know. The greater the opportunity you face, the greater the obstacles you will meet. The good and bad, the high and low, the ebb and flow are wedded. It is an unstable equilibrium of perfection that knows the right thing, the right response, the necessary ingredients of your becoming. It is your illusion to seek escape from this truth whether you choose sex, money, sleep, TV, etc.  It is your purpose not to hide from the barriers of your life but to embrace them and change them. These changes must be made in your physical body now because these changes cannot be made in the afterlife. You must not waste your time any longer. The discovery of the spirit within you is not a question of if but when. The reason this process is important is because you can only see in the world what you see in yourself. And when the discovery of the spirit is made inside of you, the world outside of you will be transformed.

Before I end this lesson, I want to recall a previous quote to inspire you to continue this path to a conscious life.

“O Force-compelled, Fate-driven earth-born race,
O petty adventurers in an infinite world
and prisoners of a dwarf humanity,
how long will you tread the circling tracks of mind
around your little self and petty things?
But not for a changeless littleness were you meant,
not for vain repetition were you built,
Almighty powers are shut in Nature’s cells
a greater destiny awaits you in your front…
The life you lead conceals the light you are.”

What has not been resolved in the past is going to continue to surface time and time again until the issue is resolved. This is a law of growth. You don’t get to walk away. You don’t get to pretend.

So, if not now, when? Just as it is time for Savitri to fulfill her purpose, perhaps it is time for you to fulfill yours.