Evolution and Revolution

To become conscious is the very meaning of evolution. To be clear, conscious evolution is not the same thing as self-awareness. Self-awareness, while a necessary and preliminary step, focuses on the many aspects of personality, mind, emotions and behavior. Consciousness is the rise above the "I" in your life and realizing how things really work...which by the way doesn't require the "I"  and does not require the need for revolution.

It doesn't require much skill of observation to look around and see that when conscious growth is not chosen, revolution will pave the way. Truth can be delayed but it will ultimately make its presence known whether it centers around civil rights, women's rights, voting rights, bathroom rights, healthcare, or your own personal growth. But if it is delayed long enough, then revolution is the vehicle by which change will take place. We see the unfolding of this process before our very eyes today in this country as political platforms are being dismantled at an accelerated pace.

But let's talk about your consciousness for a little bit. Notice that certain templates or patterns have made their presence known in your life...certain talents, unique issues that make up your "path," unexplained fears, addictions, and sometimes even exact circumstances that repeat themselves with precision, as if to confront you with the same, unresolved problems. It is as if the repetition of the process is trying to take the back of your head and force your eyes to see a certain letter in a certain word in a certain sentence in a certain paragraph on a certain page in a certain chapter in a certain book as if to say, "The answer is right here, Stupid!" Conscious growth and development can take time in order to locate the right letter.

These templates in your life's path are not accidental and will transfer from one life to the next as your evolution of consciousness progresses. If nothing else can motivate you, perhaps it can be that you don't want to have to go through this particular pain again and therefore, should be highly motivated to resolve it in this lifetime so that it does not have to be repeated. Or if you're not willing to choose it, then life will choose it for you and force you through the eye of the needle. Under these circumstances, choose the path of unconsciousness and let revolution force you to change. It works...but it hurts...and badly.

Consciousness is the point of your development when you will at last implicate yourself and force yourself  to see the importance of that one letter. Your path, once aimless and focused on survival, will take on a conscious and and more deliberate direction. The concentration of your mind will no longer be about acquiring "stuff," but acquiring an ever-increasing knowledge of your beautiful Self, the beautiful world in which you live and how Life really works.

I watched the movie "Everest" for the 5th time, the story of the 1996 disaster that left 8 people dead on Everest. Through the years, over 150 bodies remain on Everest. Beck Weathers, who survived the 1996 climb, found himself blinded by the combination of previous eye surgery and the ultra-violet rays on the climb. On two different instances, Weathers, along with Japanese climber Yasuko Namba, were found unconscious and appeared to be beyond saving. In both situations it was concluded that they were near death and it was decided to leave them behind. Both were left to die...twice. Namba did die. From his book, Left for Dead, Weathers said, "I woke up in the snow, opened my eyes, and directly in front of me was my ungloved right hand, which was clearly dead. It looked like a marble sculpture of a hand. I hit it on the ice and realized that so much of my tissue was dead, I wasn't feeling any pain. That had the marvelous effect of focusing my attention. I had an innate awareness that if the cavalry was going to come rescue me they would already have been there. If I didn't stand up, I realized, I was going to spend eternity on that spot."


Following a helicopter evacuation that hinged on the bravery of Nepalese Lt. Col. Madan Khatri Chhetri, Weathers' right arm was amputated halfway between the wrist and the elbow. His thumb and all four fingers on his left hand were removed, in addition to parts of both his feet. His nose was amputated and a new nose was grown on his forehead, which utilized tissue from his ear.




Why am I sharing this story with you? Because the conquest of Everest would be small for Beck Weathers compared to the conquest of daily life once he returned home. It took revolutionary events to put things into perspective for many who were part of that event. Such is the path. The path is not concealed in the obvious but in the footprints of invisible forces. For your conscious mind, the conquest of your greatest achievement is no greater than the ride to work in the morning... if it is done consciously. To your conscious mind, each moment is no less transformational than a lifetime of moments. Each moment contains the seed of awakening.

What has not been resolved in the past returns again and again until you consciously confront the old knot and figure out how to release yourself from the noose.  Just your desire to want to be released will be enough to stimulate the invisible forces that lie dormant inside you.



Evolution or revolution. As always, it's your choice.