Lesson 11: Gaining Momentum into the Greater Life

To experience release from a plaguing issue is such a wonderful experience! And yet, the beginning of something new is almost always preceded by periods of trial and struggle. Notice with great accuracy that your life is an unstable balance of unfolding moments. Predictable unpredictability. But it is as if no effort goes unrewarded. Sure, it can take some time but eventually the situation will change. How long it takes is related to what you see in yourself. Your movement into a greater life is related to what you see in yourself. And what you see in yourself is a choice.

“Yet it is joy to live and create
And joy to love and labour though all fails,
And joy to seek though all we find deceives
And all on which we lean betrays our trust;
Yet something in its depths was worth the pain,
A passionate memory haunts with ecstasy’s fire
Even grief has joy hidden beneath its roots:
For nothing is truly vain the One has made:
In our defeated hearts God’s strength survives
And victory’s star still lights our desperate road;
Our death is made passage to new worlds.”

As you gain momentum into a greater life, it begins not with the external world but with your inner Self…because nothing outside of you can satisfy your longings for very long. I am simply inviting you as I did in Lesson 10 to begin your journey to a greater life. Give up the need to defend your right to be miserable and choose again. And yet, understand what you are dealing with! The balanced uncertainty of each day is the music to which your life dances! In understanding that setback and pain are part of the equation, you stand the chance of moving from the endless amusements in your life to a conscious evolution and you will gain momentum.

“There is no end of seeking and of birth,
There is no end of dying and return;
The life that wins its aim asks greater aims,
The life that fails and dies must live again;
Till it has found itself it cannot cease.
All must be done for which life and death were made.
But who shall say that even then is rest?”

And the path to momentum into a greater life is consciousness. Consciousness is the path, the key, the goal. Remember the quote from Lesson 10, “Whatever Fate may do to them they have earned.”

I ask you again, when will you begin?