Lesson 13: Assurance

As stated in the previous lesson in different words, breakthrough comes through enduring. Endurance is the bridge between breakdown and breakthrough. People normally think of endurance as a burden of the body, of the suffering inflicted upon the body, of a sentence meted out by God, or as retribution for having made bad choices. But I share this with you…It is not about the body…it is about the mind.

Basically there are very few people who are not invested in struggle. Many argue for it. “No pain, no gain…the old rugged cross…you get what you deserve…karma’s a bitch.”. People see joy as the absence of suffering…fleeting, temporary and elusive. You are taught this from birth. But what if this was not true? What if there was another face to duality, a one-sided face that looked on struggle and turmoil from nothing more than a curious nonchalance?

You have looked at duality in so many of the previous lessons to see the stark error you have imposed on Reality. You have substituted “what is not” for “what is.” And no matter how hard you seek to find the answers buried in the struggle, those answers are not there. Then, where are they? It is as though you are being asked to smuggle joy into your life without your mind noticing it because if your mind did notice that joy, it would become suspicious, incredulous and dismissing.

So, to begin, think in terms of eternity, not hours. Think in terms of a unified life of joy and fulfillment, using every thing, every body and every event simply as a mechanism to experience that joy, a life of bliss, fulfillment and existence that goes on forever. Just imagine. You made up your agony…how about making something else up? Something divine. Something extraordinary. Something real. Something that has no opposite.

“A friend and inmate of our secret self,
It hid behind our minds and fell asleep
And slowly wakes beneath the blows of life;
The mighty daemon lies unshaped within,
To evoke, to give it form is Nature’s task.”

Be assured that a Reality exists that gives pain no audience, hopelessness no claim and loss no cure because they do not exist. If it is real, it cannot be threatened and that is as powerful a measuring stick as any you can produce. It is the dividing line, allowing you to separate the wheat from the chaff. Have the courage to live that way, to walk the path, to get up everyday and embrace your destiny…this is up to you. That is your choice. But when you do, walk the path with an assured mind. Agony or joy…your will is the chariot of the Divine.

“Assured of the bliss for which all forms were made,
Unmoved by fear and grief and the shocks of Fate
And unbesieged by adverse circumstance,
It breathed in a sweet secure unguarded ease
Free from our body’s frailty inviting death,
Far from our danger zone of stumbling Will.”

See perhaps for one moment what your mind has been unable to see until now. Reality.