Lesson 15: Assured. Unmoved. Unalarmed. Unbeseiged.

I want to remind the reader that “Savitri” is Sri Aurobindo’s vision of humanity’s destiny and along the way, he describes the origin of the universe, the stages of evolution, answers your questions about pain and death, and describes your role in it. Whew. And that is just the beginning.

As with all important books I have read, I have the habit of carrying the book with me wherever I go until I finish it. Underlining and taking extensive notes, I can move slowly. It  took me two years to complete “Savitri” but reading it would change my life. Its the reason I want to share it with you and why I have chosen to write this weekly blog. There is no greater guide than “Savitri” for understanding the hidden meaning of your life and the role of consciousness and unconsciousness on this planet of which you are a part…whether or not you are aware you are a part of it. But you’ll notice that it’s a whole lot more fun being at Disney World if you know that you’re at Disney World. Get it?

With painful repetition of the daunting pitfalls of human life, Aurobindo continues to contrast the false versus the real.

“A prisoner of a hooded magic Force,
Captured and trailed in Falsehood’s lethal net
And often strangled in the noose of grief,
Or cast in the grim morass of swallowing doubt,
Or shut into pits of error and despair,
He drank her poison draughts till none was left.
In a world where neither hope nor joy could come
The ordeal he suffered of evil’s absolute reign,
Yet kept intact his spirit’s radiant truth.”

It is as though in the middle of your pain, hands take your head and gently turn your gaze in another direction, to remind you that in spite of the problem, the radiant truth of who you are rests intact. Now, assuming you have significant doubt about the fact that anything other than the world your eyes see exists, you can at least be open-minded enough to consider just for a second that something else is going on. Here is the something else.

“Assured of the bliss for which all forms were made,
Unmoved by fear and grief and the shocks of Fate
And unalarmed by the breath of fleeting Time
And unbeseiged by adverse circumstance,
It breathed in a sweet secure unguarded ease
Free from our body’s frailty inviting death,
Far from our danger-zone of stumbling Will.
It needed not to curb its passionate beats;
Thrilled by the clasp of the warm satisfied sense
And the swift wonder-rush and flame and cry
Of the life impulses’ red magnificent race,
It lived in a jewel-rhythm of the laughter of God
and Lay on the breast of universal love.”

Assured, unmoved, unalarmed, unbeseiged. Just imagine being and living like this! Sounds pretty inviting. Actually, it’s more than that. It’s already who you are. It doesn’t have to be earned or deserved. It exists in spite of your past, your shame, or your pain…or your success or your money. But how long you choose to wait to realize this is up to you.

Assured, unmoved, unalarmed, unbeseiged. For this moment, for this breath, be this. Be this. In spite of it all, be this. And you will realize that hell (your unique version of unconsciousness and unhappiness) was not then nor is it now necessary. In fact, it never existed in the first place except in your mind.