Lesson 17: Dare to Surrender

The difficulties that lie before you in your pursuit of daily life can be staggering. The people who have a lot are trying to make sure that the people who don’t have a lot don’t get theirs. The people that don’t have a lot are trying to make sure that the people who do share theirs with them. It can be so difficult to rise above scarcity mentality. But change you must.

The difficulties that lie before you in your pursuit of waking-up can be staggering. The old mind, habituated and addicted to seeing what does not exist, is a foreigner to truth until that cosmic egg finally cracks and you see the possibility of a new tomorrow. It can be so difficult to climb out of the hole. But climb you must.

The years force you to become what is hidden in you as the truth of who you really are grows. The unthinkable becomes thought. The impossible becomes experienced. The dream becomes real. You make progress even if it’s slow. The hypnotic state begins to fade.

“The world is turned into a temple ground
And all discloses the unknown Beloved.
In an outburst of heavenly joy and ease
Life yields to the divinity within
And gives the rapture-offering of its all.
And the soul opens to felicity.
A bliss is felt that never can wholly cease,
A sudden mystery of the secret Grace
Flowers goldening our earth of red desire.”

The time is coming in this journey when you are going to need your strength and endurance more than ever. Mathematically unbiased but equally distributed according to your unique condition, the difficulties will appear. But there is a major confrontation you must face. You need to increase your skills. Will you use the ancient toolbox you have always used to combat your issues? Will you resort as you historically do to your least sophisticated behaviors and fight your way through? Or are you willing to try something else?

“We see not what small figure of her we hold;
We feel not her inspiring boundlessness,
We share not her immortal liberty.
Thus is it even with the seer and the sage;
For still the human limits the divine:
Out of our thoughts we must leap up to sight,
Breathe her divine supremacy confess,
Dare to surrender to her absolute.
Then the Unmanifest reflects his form
In the still mind as in a living glass;
The timeless Ray descends into our hearts
And we are rapt into eternity.”

To dare to surrender…to move with the great flow…the giant letting go…stumbling…fumbling along the way as the old skin is discarded…and a new way is born. Now, bring a problem to mind and fill in the blank for yourself: “I don’t know how ________. I don’t know when or if ________. I’m so worried that ________. But I am willing to let go. I am willing to surrender. I am willing to be still and learn that everything is possible. Although I don’t know how ________ will work out, I am grateful that it has and give thanks for the resolution to this problem.”

I dare you.