Lesson 2: The Solution to the Real Issue

It is so simple to state that the solutions to your issues lay within you…but they do. If you are willing to just consider this idea, then you realize that there are two of you: the crazy you and the enlightened you. So, I am saying outright and with as much conviction as I can: There’s nothing wrong with you. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. The problem lies in the fact that you think there is something wrong with you. The solution lies in waking up and realizing that it’s a lie.

The secret knowledge that lies inside of you includes the understanding that the experiences that make up the tapestry of your life have not been accidental nor have their purposes been to punish, deny, silence or condemn you. You created those sacred experiences of your life as a tool to wake up and experience the grandest meaning of your existence.

“He is the Maker and the world he made,
He is the vision and he is the Seer;
He is himself the actor and the act,
He is himself the dreamer and the dream.
There are Two who are One and play in many worlds;
In Knowledge and Ignorance they have spoken and met
And light and darkness are their eyes’ interchange;
Our pleasure and pain are their wrestle and embrace,
Our deeds, our hopes are intimate to their tale;
They are married secretly in our thought and life.”

How does the thinker become the thought? It’s easy. You take a perception like “Life is hard” or “You disrespected me” and then you project it onto the world, onto another person or even onto God. Perception always leads to projection! Perception is your paint. Projection is your paintbrush. Projection takes the negativity inside of you and dumps it onto something or someone else outside of you so you don’t have to be responsible for it.

Who on earth would choose pain or suffering? You would have to be crazy to do that! I know that it sounds so utterly impossible to the mind that you are the one who chose those experiences as a path in life. But consider the alternative. If the experiences of your life are random and your suffering is a result of accidental forces, and other people did these things to you and it’s not your fault, and God is the only one who can save you from them, then those experiences are more powerful than God and this mental condition renders God powerless. In other words, you will watch yourself repeating those experiences over and over and over again…and the issues remain unresolved.

You pretend to be what you are not in order to unveil the inescapable truth that you will experience one day in one lifetime: that all you seek lies within you, and that the essence of your existence contains within it the secret knowledge that you have sought your entire life to know.

“He is the Player who became the play,
He is the Thinker who became the thought;
He is the many who was the silent One.”

For the time being, consider that all you seek lies within you but beyond the limitations imposed by your mind. Inside of you lives everything you have ever wanted, everything you have ever dreamed of, everything for which your heart yearns.

“In the hidden strength of her omnipotent Will,
Driven by her breath across life’s tossing deep,
Through the thunder’s roar and through the windless hush,
Through fog and mist where nothing more is seen,
He carries her sealed orders in his breast.
Late will he know, opening the mystic script,
Whether to a blank port in the Unseen
He goes or armed with her fiat, to discover
A new mind and body in the city of God
And enshrine the Immortal in his glory’s house
And make the finite one with Infinity.”

I am outright stating that it time for all of this insanity to come to an end. But remember, you can’t change the world. But you can change yourself…if you have the courage and the right knowledge about how your beautiful Self works from the inside out.


1. Your experiences do not define you. You do, in spite of the experiences.
2. There is nothing wrong with you. What is wrong with you is that you don’t know this.
3. There is within you a secret knowledge of your existence, an omnipotent Will that can transform all of your pain and suffering.
4. You pretend to be less than what you really are as a strategy to eventually become conscious and awakened!
5. The crazy, unconscious you is the one who creates your “knot,” your problems. The awakened you is the one who will solve all of the problems. In other words, you contain the solutions to the problems you have…but those solutions are not found in the same place that the problems were created.
6. Space is curved. This means that you may not be as far away from an object as you think. How far away from the crazy you is the awakened you? It’s not as far away as you think!
7. So, relax. And for a moment, consider that inside of you lies everything you have sought outside of you. For right now, you don’t have to know how you will access it. For this moment, quietly choose to be comforted knowing that it is true.