Lesson 22: The Call to the Journey

The sacredness of birth is the onset of the Divine seeking to know itself in physical form. The journey did not begin with the first breath but began ions ago.

“O spirit, traveller of eternity,
Who cam’st from the immortal spaces here
Armed for the splendid hazard of thy life
To set thy conquering foot on Chance and Time,
The moon shut in her halo dreams like thee
A mighty presence still defends thy frame.”

As with all journeys, one prepares the necessary ingredients that allows the journey to come to fruition. Each year when all of our children and grandchildren unite together at the beach for our week in the sun, there is a methodical process of packing what left behind would cause the trip to be jeopardized. It seems like each year something is forgotten. But worst case scenario, you can always buy another one.

Unlike the ego, the journey of the soul begins with nothing being left behind.

“Thy soul has strength and needs no other guide
Than One who burns within thy bosom’s powers.
There shall draw near to meet thy approaching steps
The second self for whom thy nature asks,
He who shall walk until thy body’s end
A close-bound traveller pacing with thy pace,
The lyrist of the soul’s most intimate chords
Who shall give voice to what in thee is mute.”

The work for which your soul was made is none other than your life…good or bad. Just as your life is right now. Wherever you are, whatever circumstances you find yourself in, it is perfect. The call to self-realization is issued to all. The alchemy of the exact ingredients that are required to experience the grandest part of your Self are right in front of you. Although you may not be able to see them, they are not hidden. Nothing is missing.

The call to the journey must be developed. You must learn to train yourself beyond your sensory faculties and no one is going to do that for you. Strength, balance and transformation must be developed. The urge to greater fulfillment can certainly take place in a moment of inspiration but it is more likely to take place as a result of deliberate preparation, development and commitment. Under these conditions, the results are much more sustainable. So, instead of waiting for a miracle or for someone to save you, choose the journey one breath at a time, one day at a time.

“Then, falling silent in himself to know
He meets the deeper listening of his soul:
The Word repeats itself in rhythmic strains:
Thought, visions, feeling, sense, the body’s self
Are seized unutterably and he endures
An ecstasy and an immortal change;
He feels a Wideness and becomes a Power,
All knowledge rushes on him like a sea:
Transmuted by the white spiritual ray
He walks in naked heavens of joy and calm,
Sees the God-face and hears transcendent speech:
An equal greatness in her life was sown.”

Strive. And when you meet failure and loss, strive again. Demand of yourself a greater life. And when you meet failure and loss, demand again. Expect. And when your expectations fall short and you meet failure and loss, expect again.

The call to the journey begins within you.