Lesson 24: The Love of Your Life

There is for many in meeting a destined face on the roads of Time, that momentous second when the love that one finds awakens an internal but dormant essence, causing the hardships of the past to have been worth every step, every bruise, every tear. The two paths converge from the mystery of life and the isolation and separation that both felt becomes the cocoon that both embrace. And yet, it is a love that is in motion, governed by time and soon to end by either death, divorce or separation. Or is it?

As Satyavan and his golden princess Savitri meet, Savitri says:

“Speak more to me, speak more, O Satyavan,
Speak of thyself and all thou art within;
I would know thee as if we had ever lived
Together in the chamber of our souls.
Speak till a light shall come into my heart
And my moved mortal mind shall understand
What all the deathless being in me feels.
It knows that thou are he my spirit has sought
Amidst earth’s thronging visages and forms
Across golden spaces of my life.”

As Savitri explains to him:

“O Satyavan, I have heard thee and I know;
I know that thou and only thou are he.”

Oh, how sweet that moment is! Love is a refuge that reminds us of bliss and all that is right and meant to be and for which all of life was made for eternity.

“The united Two began a greater age.
In the silence and murmur of that emerald world
And the mutter of the priest-wind’s sacred verse.
Amid the choral whispering of the leaves
Love’s twain had joined together and grew one
The natural miracle was wrought once more:
In the immutable ideal world
One human moment was eternal made.”

But we reside in a mortal world of material things where the see-saw game of up and down is not slowed by joy. Too soon, our most correct choices come under the weight and pressure of everyday life and the appearance of heaven’s indifference. The seer, Narada, explains to Savitri’s mother and father:

“As if earth could not keep too long from heaven
A treasure thus unique loaned by the gods.
A being so rare, of so divine a make!
In one brief year when this bright hour flies back
And perches careless on a branch of Time,
This sovereign glory ends heaven lent to earth,
This splendour vanishes from the mortals’ sky:
Heaven’s greatness came but was too great to stay.
Twelve swift-winged months are given to him and her;
This day returning Satyavan must die.”

As for each of us, our days are set to end, marked on a starry calendar. But is it possible that this need not be? Is it possible that the human journey is, as Aurobindo states, the stairway to immortality?

Would not the love of your life if lengthened but one day be worth every struggle, every setback? If the lifespan of the average person was grown to 120, 140, 160 years of age and those years were spent in the arms of the love of your life, in the thrill of fulfilling your deepest longings, would that not be bliss?

Upon hearing the news of Satyavan’s fate, Savitri replied with steadfast eyes.

“My will is part of the eternal will,
My fate is what my spirit’s strength can make,
My fate is what my spirit’s strength can bear:
My strength is not the Titan’s; it is God’s.”

Savitri’s mission is now set before her. And so is yours.