Lesson 26: The Will of the Timeless Working Out in Time

Lesson 25 ended with a well-known statement from Savitri, “Fate is truth working out in Ignorance.” Let’s start at the end of the statement and begin not just with ignorance but with your (my) ignorance. Let’s keep the discussion at an every day, practical level.

You are born into certain circumstances with experiences that when combined are unique to you and no other. You grow up under certain circumstances with experiences that when combined are unique to you and no other. You go to work under circumstances that are unique to you and no other. You do the best you can to acquire the resources to pay your bills, seek entertainment to take your mind off the difficult parts of your life and try to come some understanding of meaning in a meaningless world under certain circumstances with experiences that when combined are unique to you and no other. Your entire life path is comprised of certain experiences that when combined are unique to you and no other. You truly are one of a kind. But there are many kinds.

The fate of each of the 7.5 billion different kinds of people on a planet that has been around for 4.5 billion years unfolds each day. That which has gone on forever and ever (the Timeless) continues its evolution in everyday life (Time). And you are an essential part of that unfolding.

Ignorance is the absence of understanding of why you (and them) are here. Ignorance and unconsciousness are synonymous. When you are unconscious (ignorant) about why you are here, everyday is some form of trial. When you are conscious, every day is yet another experiment about how life can be lived to the deepest level your soul desires.

Ignorance takes a long time (4.5 billion years…and counting) to be dissolved. How long you as an individual take to dissolve your unique ignorance is correlated to your fate. Unconscious (ignorant) people think they are their experiences in life. Conscious (awake) people understand they are not their experiences. They had a particular set of experiences but they realize they are not their experiences. They realize they define the world outside of them…the world doesn’t define it for them.

“Here Matter seems to mould the body’s life
And the soul follows where its nature drives.
Nature and Fate compel his free will’s choice.
But greater spirits this balance can reverse
And make the soul the artist of its fate.
This the mystic truth that our ignorance hides:
Doom is a passage for our inborn force,
Our ordeal is the hidden spirit’s choice.”

The 7.5 billion people and all living things on the planet are a singular, one existence. It is the timeless and eternal will of the “one” seeking the experience of itself through the 7.5 billion in time. The one is the many. The many is the one. You is them. They is you. Time is just the playground. But when you are unconscious about you and them, then ordeal, struggle, pain and suffering are the passages you will choose in order to awaken that same will in you. Why? Because that is you are!

“Thus came, born from a blind tremendous choice.
This great perplexed and discontented world,
This haunt of Ignorance, this home of Pain:
There are pitched desire’s tents, grief’s headquarters.
A vast disguise conceals the Eternal’s bliss.”

The script of your life is a by-product of the degree to which you understand this. So, do yourself a favor and relax. Just be still and know that everything is perfect. Let the chaos be but what and where it is. However awake or unconscious you are, just let it be what and where it is. Look at the unfolding of the lives of the 7.5 billion people on this radiant blue ball that is over 4.5 billion years old. Breathless! For now, know that for this moment, there is nothing to do. Just breathe.

“He is a puppet of the dance of Time.
He is driven by the hours, the moment’s call
Compels him with the thronging of life’s need
And the babel of the voices of the world.
This mind no silence knows nor dreadless sleep
Is the incessant circling of its steps
Thoughts tread for ever through the listening brain;
It toils like a machine and cannot stop.”

The will of the timeless is just working its way out in time as a baby does in the womb. It is not concerned about the chaos because it knows who it is and knows what it is doing. But you may want to be concerned. The quality of your life depends on it.