Lesson 29: The Call to the Soul; The Call to the Center

“Then Savitri by her doomed husband sat,
Still rigid in her golden motionless pose,
A statue of the fire of the inner sun.
In the black night the wrath of storm swept by,
The thunder crashed above her, the rain hissed,
Its million footsteps pattered on the roof.
Impassive mid the movement and the cry,
Witness of the thoughts of mind, the moods of life,
She looked into herself and sought for her soul.”

Notice that all effort of your mind in determining what is real and what is false is generally via your senses. Your perceptions look out, deciphering, seeking and analyzing that which you presume exists. And it doesn’t take much effort to realize that your version of reality conforms with that perception. If the world is a scary place, then notice the fear that lurks within. It’s time to buy a gun, build a wall, get rid of the undesirables in your neighborhood, and make America great again. Notice also that your perception of reality changes depending on where you are in your life. Primarily, notice then that your reality changes, making your reality unstable and unreliable.

But for the moment, PRESUME that you not only have a soul but that you are your soul. PRESUME that, just like Savitri, there is a reason you are here in spite of the fact that you are unaware of it. PRESUME that whatever the reason is, it is largely dependent upon you not only understanding this but being this. PRESUME that there is an on-going battle in your mind between being enthralled by the drama of life and your mind that seeks meaning, purpose and joy. But also PRESUME there is a relentless pressure on you to take that journey inward. If fact, “it” will do just about anything to force you inward. And so the question to you is, what will be required for you, too, to begin the journey inwards? The call to the soul is the same thing as the call to your center, a center that is a stable, reliable reality in the midst of change, struggle and upheaval.

The call to the soul is the movement from the periphery of your life to the your center. This inward perspective, this inward conversion must take place. It is here where you will see the inevitable chain of events that have led you to where you are, each of these events being necessary and secretly carrying within them the seed of your awakening.

“But for such vast spiritual change to be,
Out of the mystic cavern in man’s heart
The heavenly Psyche must put off her veil
And step into common nature’s crowded rooms
And stand uncovered in that nature’s front
And rule its thoughts and fill the body and life.
Obedient to a high command she sat:
Time, life and death were passing incidents
Obstructing with their transient view her sight,
her sight that must break through and liberate the god
Imprisoned in the visionless mortal man.
The inferior nature born into ignorance
Still took too large a place, it veiled her self
And must be pushed aside to find her soul.”

It is necessary at this point to point out a fatal flaw in your developmental process. Your mind is not a source of knowledge, no more than your mind is a source of reality. Knowledge comes from somewhere else. Reality comes from somewhere else. Your mind is simply the organizer of whatever judgments, beliefs, opinions, perceptions, prejudices, or positions you have about anything and then, your mind projects that content onto the world, causing you to believe that the world is this or that, not understanding that you were the source of that process. The world didn’t do anything to you. The world didn’t cause you to think anything. The world ain’t out there! The world is inside of you!

“Our larger being sits behind cryptic walls:
There are greatnesses hidden in our unseen parts
That wait their hour to step into life’s front:
We feel an aid from deep indwelling Gods;
One speaks within. Light comes to us from above.
Our soul from its mysterious chamber acts;
Its influence pressing on our heart and mind
Pushes them to exceed their mortal selves.
It seeks for Good and Beauty and for God;
We see beyond self’s walls our limitless self.”

PRESUME…just consider…be open-minded enough to imagine that the journey to the soul is a required part of the curriculum. You can honor this call whenever you want to…but you will take it if you want to graduate. And when you do, it begins with an inward glance, a drop of aspiration, one breath in an unknown stratosphere, a thread of willingness. Your future journey, just like Savitri’s, is going to require more of you tomorrow than who you currently are today if you expect to find your way out. It is in the call to the soul that the journey to reality begins.

It is in the call to the soul in which you will find your center, a center that houses the living god in you.