Lesson 8: The Desperation of Hope

Hope is a thin thread woven between where you don’t want to be and where you want to be. Hope is the reconciliation of the uncertainty of the present with the certainty of tomorrow. I am not arguing against hope, I am arguing for something even better.

Hope is an act of desperation the translation of which is “Please, God, get me out of here and into over there.” If you possess knowledge of how your life works, you don’t need hope. If you don’t, you do. And I assure you that you don’t need hope.

But time and time again you read in various forms that you are made in the image of God. Well, how come you don’t experience that much less know that? If you are in the image of God, what happened? Hope for so many is the only thing they have left.

“A foundling of the Gods she wanders here
Like a child-soul left near the gates of Hell
Fumbling through fog in search of Paradise.”

Think of it in these terms: you have descended from above in the image of God and now find yourself in a world of ignorance and meaningless suffering where nothing seems worth the effort of aspiring to. Instead, you substitute your inheritance with the stimulus and delight of finite outer things that don’t last. The goal of becoming is replaced with the desire to enjoy and to survive…to rule the kingdom of your little life. But, think about it…how can that be the real objective of your life? The image of God isn’t doing so well.

“A dim and dreadful muteness fell on her;
Abolished was her subtle mighty spirit
And slain her boon of child-god happiness
And all her glory into littleness turned
And all her sweetness into a maimed desire
To feed death with her works is here life’s boon.
So veiled was her immortality that she seemed,
Inflicting consciousness on unconscious things,
An episode in an eternal death,
A myth of being that must for ever cease,
Such was the evil mystery of her change.”

No one is spared “the evil mystery.” But the chains that bind you (the “evil mystery”) are the very instruments of  your ascension! They are the very tools you have chosen (yes, you chose them) to turn hope into certainty, oblivion to becoming, and ignorance into knowledge.  It is your destiny to cause to arise from the abyss of life the timeless truth that you are far more than just an image of God. You must rescue who you really are from the prison of your mind and who you are not.

“To ignorant purposes and blind desires” your life is led. Your little life is insignificant and trivial to what your soul desires. The slow unmasking of who you really are is your noble task and it is the reason for your being here on this Earth. This is what the soul desires. So, when will you begin? When will you light the miracle that lies inside you? Hope is an act of desperation. There is no need for hope because your realization of who you are is an absolute certainty.