Lesson 9: The Descent into Night

The two differing concepts of who you and what you are doing here are vital for your awakening. You are perfection pretending that you are not. As Aurobindo states, “Fate is Truth working out in Ignorance.” Said a different way, “None can reach heaven who has not passed through hell.”

Through knowledge and understanding, I am asking you once and for all to put to rest the mystery of your suffering and pain. It is but a tool of your soul to realize itself. Your descent into night, your difficulties, your heartbreaks are but the chisels of life. Once you get this, you will stop suffering. This doesn’t mean there will not be difficult days ahead but when those difficult days appear, you will be more conscious about the nature of your suffering. Your life will be transformed. You will no longer attract suffering as a learning device…unless you choose to. But there are other choices, other realities, available to you.

“O mortal who complainst of death and fate,
Accuse none of the harms thyself has called;
This troubled world thou hast chosen for thy home,
Thou are thyself the author of thy pain.”

I am inviting you to change your mind about your struggle and consider a greater purpose about your life.

“Thou hast come down into a struggling world
To aid a blind and suffering mortal race,
To open to Light the eyes that could not see,
To bring down bliss into the heart of grief,
To make thy life a bridge twist earth and heaven;
If thou wouldst save the toiling universe,
The vast universal suffering feel as thine:
Thou must bear the sorrow that thou claimst to heal;
The day-bringer must walk in the darkest night.
He who would save the world must share its pain.
If he knows not grief, how shall he find grief’s cure?
If far he walks above mortality’s head,
How shall the mortal reach that too high path?”

My guess is that you, like me, have known enough suffering. It is time for you to see in the middle of the night.

“Only by suffering life grew colourful:
It needed the spice of pain, the salt of tears.”

Need pain no more. Suggest to yourself that you are willing to see things differently. Remind yourself that you are willing to see meaning in a meaningless world. Remind yourself that you do not require suffering anymore to wake up. And when you do, your descent into night will now be replaced with your ascent into the light. And now, the real journey begins.