No One Cares What You Think

The use of the diagram in the previous blog and this one is designed to depict the directional flow of wisdom moving inward rather than outward. Most importantly, it highlights the center from which everything else evolves. If the center (the inner) is damaged, the outer will be damaged, too. If the inner is evolved, the outer will be evolved. And it just keeps repeating itself. That can be positive or it can be negative.

The American tendency is to view the center as a core of beliefs or intellectual positions. I am Christian, I am this, I am that, I am Republican, etc. But, of course, the belief has very little to do, if any,  with the actual behavior. If fact, it works backwards just as wisdom does. Behavior reveals the belief that produced it and not the other way around.

Check out the news any day of the week and you will find an individual whose core belief did not match the visible behavior. It is the behavior that revealed the belief that produced it. So, it's easy for you to see that there are discrepancies in your life between what you believe and what you actually do. And that's OK. It doesn't produce the outer world that you really want but it's OK. Self-deception and self-delusion are commonly practiced as tools for avoiding responsibility in life. And that's OK. It doesn't help you create the life you want but it's OK. It will stop being OK when you've had enough of suffering and not getting what you want in life. Not that getting what you want is what life is isn't...but it makes being on mission and purpose easier.

There is a tendency to want to create out of the core belief a club that others can join. There are no two greater arenas in which to observe this than religion and politics. I have been in countless meetings in which as the tension was rising, a person out of anger and frustration would say the most destructive words in a meeting that a person can say, "Well, I believe...!" And then, they would describe what they believe and why the other person or club is wrong. The whole room spins out of control and separation in the group creates dysfunction, mistrust and blame.

But let me ask you something. Have you noticed that no one cares what you think? Have you noticed that what they really pay attention to is how you behave? Have you noticed that good leaders often say very little? And if so, why? Because good leaders understand and know that they lead by their center (inward) and not by what they say (outer). It is their very presence that has an ability to affect the core of the group, not their beliefs. So, instead of putting it into a question, I will state the obvious: no one cares what you think. So, practice being quiet. Stop making others out to be wrong. Practice being still. Observe and allow.

Wisdom is revealed by wise men in a multitude of ways. Wisdom is generated out of your willingness to walk the path rather than talk the path. And there are few who do. Knowing the path and walking the path are two entirely different paths. Walking the path will take you out of agreement with the world and wake you up to the fact that something else is going in your life besides how you are currently living it. Walking the path will call forth your courage that will be needed to stamp out the deep fear with which you have lived your life. But it will take you into the wisdom and will give voice to the being inside of you that has been muted. And the center will be born.

From that center, you will see that the outer is but a manifestation of the inner. The silence that held the seed of your understanding will be heard and you won't even care what you think anymore. You will not care what you believe because you understand that it doesn't matter. It only matters how you behave and it is the behavior that reveals your center.

Stop thinking and start being.