The Path to a Conscious Life: Introduction

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Join me in The Path to a Conscious Life. It is a weekly path of learning, motivation, understanding and ultimately, greater consciousness and joy based upon Sri Aurobindo’s epic work “Savitri.” In addition to this introduction and two lessons to help prepare you for the year ahead, there are 55 chapters that make up this effort…one per week over the course of a year.

Let’s get started!

Simply put, learning is change.  Without change there is no evidence of learning and meaningful learning must be organized, directed and pursued. Therefore, you are encouraged to establish a level of discipline that allows you to focus each week on your willingness to learn and grow, building each week on the previous lessons.

With the exception of the first two chapters stemming from compiled readings from “A Course in Miracles,” the remaining chapters are anchored in Sri Aurobindo’s epic poem “Savitri.”

Michael Murphy, the founder of the Esalen Institute, stated that Aurobindo “…points the way toward the kind of transformative practice we need to realize our greatest potentials. No philosopher or contemplative of modern times has done more to reveal our possibilities for extraordinary life.”

While using “Savitri” in each of the chapters is not what the average reader is accustomed to reading, it is a priceless tool to waking up and understanding the truth about your life and what you are doing here.

The use of the quotes from “Savitri” are not meant to be academic or intellectual in any way but are used to shed light on understanding yourself and the life you are living. Simply do your best to try to understand what Aurobindo is suggesting and move forward. Don’t give up! Teach yourself to persevere! Knowing the path and walking the path are two entirely different paths. Knowing does not lead to doing. Walking does. You must learn to change your mind about your mind, who you are, and what you are doing here. You have to become willing to use your life as an experiment in what is possible because until you do, you can’t know what is possible!

I invite you to take part in a brave, new world, a world that goes beyond the confines of self-awareness and therapy. I invite you to consider that it is time for you to take up the path of your life’s yoga. Your life’s yoga is about consciously using your life as an evolutionary tool of becoming what you are capable of being. It is about ascending the limiting forces of your past, your fears, and your lack of knowledge. It is about ascending your mind. While therapy confirms the demons in you, this journey confirms the gods in you!

Consciousness is power. But to use it, skills and abilities have to first be developed. This is the intent of this effort and the foundation and programming of WellSpring Wellness Center.

“The Spirit shall be the master of this world

Lurking no more in form’s obscurity

And Nature shall reverse her action’s rule.

The outward world discloses the Truth it veils;

All things shall manifest the covert God,

And shall reveal the Spirit’s light and destiny.”

I hope you and others will choose to go along with me on this journey! Share this link with others and invite them to join in.


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