The Path to a Conscious Life: Preparation II

Preparation II

You have one more preparation before you begin your work in Aurobindo’s “Savitri.” It is almost time to get started.

The following 19 statements are about perception. Each statement comes from “A Course in Miracles.” This section is intended to give you the opportunity to look more deeply at the skill of perception and the priceless value it holds for you. In a few cases, I have added a word or two for the sake of clarity.

I want to be realistic about what you are doing. This is difficult work. It takes so much courage and perseverance to wake up everyday and face the demands of your daily life. You have such little control over what happens. But you have all the control in the world over how you look at it. If you accept this and understand this, then you understand that no one or no thing can keep you from experiencing yourself in the way you choose. No matter what happens. But that is going to require knowledge. That is going to require that you be able to see something your mind and your eyes cannot see. This is where perception comes in.

Read each of the statements and consider the  implication of what is suggests. Print a copy of them to carry with you during the week, taking the time to study and review them numerous times.


1. Your perception of anything is your choice.

2. Your perception of anything is your choice of what you want yourself to be.

3. Your perception of anything or anybody is a choice, not a fact.

4. What you see around you reflects the state of your mind.

5. As you look out at the world, so do you see inside yourself.

6. You see what you expect and expect what you invite.

7. All perception begins with the perceiver who determines what is true and what is false.

8. You see what you are looking for and you find it.

9. You see a lot of trouble with other people but not inside yourself, so you feel you have integrity.

10. You see the world you value.

11. As you hear, you answer. Its outcome is the life you are living.

12. Instead of trying to change others, change yourself.

13. Your perception of the other person does not mean a thing.

14. There must be doubt before there is conflict and all doubt is about yourself.

15. Perception is the vehicle by which ignorance is brought to knowledge.

16. Every person looks for freedom where they think it can be found and will use others as a means of finding it.

17. You see what you believe whether it is there or not.

18. Therefore, it is impossible not to believe what you see. If you see it, it’s because you believe it.

19. But it’s equally impossible for you to see what you do not believe. If you do not believe it, you

 will not see it even when it is standing right in front of you. (Happiness, forgiveness, peace, opportunity, love, etc.)


  1. 1. Perceptual Reciprocity = What you see is what you get. In your outer life (horizontal), perceptions are built on the basis of experience. You believe that you are your experiences (being betrayed, hurt, ignored, abused, rejected, confused, rich, poor, etc.)  BUT YOU ARE NOT YOUR EXPERIENCES! You had the experience but you are not the experience. But it sure looks that way and feels that way. In your inner life (vertical), perception is a choice. It is a choice in which you consciously over-ride what your sensory experience is telling you. Do that now. Choose today to see what your eyes cannot see! For example, see perfection in all things, good and bad. See yourself as being held in safety and balance. See yourself as forgiven and loved. Perceive today what your experiences have denied you in the past.