A Beautiful Path

In the previous post, I stated that it is separation from one's inner being that is the ultimate source of depression. In fact, one's inner being is the protection from the constant bombardments of life that provides the individual with clarity, the ability to know and to see. Would you be willing to trade the limiting conditions of depression or any other limiting condition for that matter with its opposite? Of course, you would! Anybody would.

In her book, "The New Way: A Study in the Rise and the Establishment of a Gnostic Society," Patrizia Noreilli-Bachelet states, "Creation and destruction are simultaneous processes. When indeed they are simultaneous then destruction automatically becomes a process of dissolution. The rise of a clear, truth-conscious creative thrust automatically sets in motion a process of dissolution, the collapse of the old that cannot be carried over into the new world."

In fact, it is essential for any individual who aspires to increase their level of consciousness to become friends with destruction, death and loss...all processes of dissolution. When difficulty appears, seeking to realize one's inner being , to know one's soul in order to deal effectively with the circumstances...this path is laced with ambiguity and misinterpretation and stands the chance of producing confusing and conflicting viewpoints of the world and Self. With the utmost compassion, let each of us state that the difficulty of overcoming negative mental states is very real. But the knowledge that allows us to overcome them is real, too!

The knowledge we possess is a mental knowledge. The knowledge we seek is not a mental knowledge. Mental knowledge is represented by those fabrications of the lower mind that produces systems of belief, judgment, opinion, prejudice, position and perception. These will not free you. But the knowledge of the heart, of the soul, will. It is all that you seek and desire. And yet, it can seem so impossible, so incredibly impossible to achieve. Nonetheless, this is the path...this is the way home.

If an individual can be encouraged to rise above negative mental, physical, and emotional states, then a means to do must be articulated and taught. So, with that mind, let me provide one question and one statement as we move through the Holiday Season that may possibly inspire you to lift your Self up.

Question: "What if I chose this?” That's right. What if I chose the circumstances in which my life is unfolding? If I chose depression or whatever limitation it may be, why would I keep choosing it once I realized the obvious truth...that I chose it? Why would I keep damaging my Self by believing that these conditions came from outside of me and were imposed on me in some way? Why would I dishonor my Self any further? Of course, the question that also must be asked if you want to consider the first one is, "Why would I do that?" Why on earth would I compel my Self to live in this manner?" So, why would you?

Statement: "In each moment you are held in absolute balance and safety." The truth is that you cannot go wrong. The truth is that you will never be judged. The truth is that your limitations are but illusions. And while you cannot go wrong and you will eventually one day in one lifetime get it, you can waste a lot of time and energy. And if you believed this and practiced this, compelling your Self to rise above the past, knowing that you will be supported and held in balance, why would you not risk living the life of your choice? If you realized that death, pain, ignorance, depression and suffering were all illusions, how could you keep doing what you have always been doing? You wouldn't. You would change knowing at all times that you are held in the arms of the Divine, even in the middle of setbacks, fears, hopelessness and self-doubt.

In spite of the problems we see in our ourselves and others, there is another reality taking place. The reality is that love is all there is. It is all there is. Eternal, unending, unconditional, always expanding love that knows no boundaries that embraces every inequity, every heinous act, every moment of false self-identification. And in each moment, we are held in the balance and safety of the Divine, the love that is the glue that holds our universe together. And if you believed this, how differently would you live your life today versus yesterday?

Noreilli-Bachelet offers a prayer that is found at the beginning of her book with these words taken from the end of the prayer: "But let us truly move forward to the New: let us not call the Old the New. Let the New come forth in spite of ourselves. May the Power of Harmony, the Power of Truth and the Power of Love manifest, and may we become each day the purer instruments for this integral realization."

What a beautiful path.

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