I Still Don't Want To Be Here

The position I took in one of my previous blogs is that the source of suffering lies within a lack of understanding our existence and what we are doing here. The absence of any cultural teaching that provides a palatable understanding of our existence in the US does not exist. There is nothing spiritual about the American culture as we continue to drown ourselves in the pursuit of money and stuff.

Our lives in the US are about three basic myths:

1. To survive (you won't)

2. To live free of friction and problems (you can't)

3. To be right (you're not)

In the attempt to achieve the impossible, much less having an understanding of why the three principles cannot be achieved, our view of life becomes so distorted that it is absolutely clear why so many people still don't want to be here. As I have said in a previous blog, it is my intention to highlight wisdom and awareness that allows us to inch ever and ever closer to living a fulfilled life that results in greater self-actualization and purpose.

Referring to "Savitri" again, Sri Aurobindo states:

"Fate is the Truth working out in Ignorance."

Read it again and again until you get this.

"Fate is Truth working out in Ignorance."

Could it then be said that your fate is somehow mathematically intertwined with how unconscious (ignorant) you are? The answer is yes. Is there anyone who hasn't said to themselves, "Why did this happen to me?" Or even better, "Why does this keep happening to me?" If you are catching on, the only appropriate question would then be, "How do I become conscious (not be ignorant)?"

Hang on and stick with this:

"Arisen from the tragic crash of life,
Arisen from the body's torture and death,
The spirit rises mightier by defeat
Its godlike wings grow wider with each fall
Its splendid failures sum to victory
O man, the events that meet thee on thy road
Though they smite the the body and soul with joy and grief,
Are not thy fate, ---they touch thee awhile and pass;
Even death can cut not short thy spirit's walk;
Thy goal, the road thou choosest are thy fate."

He says later in the same section as above,

"In hunger and in plenty and in pain,
Through peril and through triumph and through fall,
Through life's green lanes and over her desert sand,
Up the bald moor, along the sunlit ridge,
In serried columns with a struggling rear
Led by its nomad vanguard's signal fires,
Marches the army of the waylost god."

And why are we lost, repeating history over and over and over without learning from our mistakes and our awakenings? Because we don't know what we are doing here and we don't know know how to find out what we're doing here. I want to state as emphatically as I can that our future as a planet depends on this learning. So, to go a little deeper, could the following be true?

"Thou hast come down into a struggling world
To aid a blind and suffering mortal race,
To open to Light the eyes that could not see,
To bring down bliss into the heart of grief,
To make they life a bridge twixt earth and heaven;
If thou wouldst save the toiling universe,
The vast universal suffering feel as thine:
Thus must bear the sorrow that thou claimst to heal;
The day-bringer must walk in darkest night.
He who would save the world must share its pain.
If he knows not grief, how shall he find grief's cure?
If far he walks above mortality's head,
How shall the mortal reach that too high path?
If one of theirs they see scale heaven's peaks,
Men then can hope to learn that titan climb.
God must be born on earth and be as man
That man being human may grow even as God.
He would save the world must be one with the world,
All suffering things contain in his heart's space
And bear grief and joy of all that lives
His soul must be wider than the universe
And feel eternity as its very stuff,
Rejecting the moment's personality
Know itself older than the birth of Time."

We have drawn the grief to our lives and across the planet. Perhaps 1/2 of the formula has been completed. The other half, the knowing of what we are doing here and becoming conscious of that mission will transform the pain, the suffering, and the grief. It is in the friction, not in the absence of it, that you will find your way.

Choose to be here even thou heart may break, even though you feel that you cannot deal with what is happening. Choose to see a higher mission and purpose to your life that has remained hidden to you up to this point. See that hidden in your path of grief, lies your path of joy.

Choose to be here.

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