"YOU" are "IT" in "THIS"

Developing self-awareness or consciousness is primarily a disciplined practice of some sort…and there are many disciplines. My own development included the notion, “Reject all teachers.” So, the object is development of your own practice and discipline...not someone else's.

Whatever the discipline, consciousness is the development of an inner work and template that is then projected onto the outer world, the dense world of form. Said another way, this inner work serves a bridge between the horizontal and vertical and back. Remember…the depth of the foundation of your practice is mathematically proportional to how high you will ascend. But where to begin?

Your options to developing any kind of meaningful practice are abundant. Most all religions advocate some form of escape from the planet as the mechanism of growth…heaven, nirvana, etc. I want to suggest to you to be here, to be on this beautiful earth, to start your practice right smack dab in the middle of the mess, in the middle of your depression, in the middle of your broken relationships, in the middle of your financial anxiety.

Let’s begin with a simple thought for the moment:. The thought is: “IT.” Just think of your thoughts about “IT”…or whatever you want to call “IT”…God, Buddha, Shiva, Vishnu, No-God, etc. “IT” is omnipresent, unmanifest, at rest, and outside of time. Take your time with this. If you are an atheist, then whatever you say is not there, is not there everywhere, has not taken shape or form, is not moving, and is outside of time (eternal). If you are a believer in God, then it is the same thing. Whatever you say God is, is everywhere, has not taken shape or form, is not moving, and is outside of time (eternal).

So, if that’s true, then what’s “THIS?” What’s us? What’s you? What’s this world? What’s going on here on this planet? Consider this thought: “THIS” is “IT” omnipresent. “THIS” is “IT” manifest. “THIS” is “IT” in motion, subject to time.

Take the thought even further. “YOU” are “IT” residing in “THIS.” You are in form, you are in motion, and you are subject to time. But “YOU” are still “IT.” Go further down the rabbit hole…”YOU” are “IT” in “THIS” pretending you don’t know that.

And if “YOU” is “IT” in “THIS,” then who else is “IT?”

Answer: Everyone…including the ones you despise…including the ones who have hurt you and who have betrayed you. Remember, it’s an omnipresent deal…it either all is or it all ain’t.

And if I were to say that you are pretending that you don’t know this, then why did you choose to pretend? And if pretense is the foundation of your inner template, how does your world resemble that pretense? And what do you have to lose by pretending something else? If you're going to make something up, why not be delusional in a really powerful way?

And even worse, how long are you going to keep pretending that “YOU” ain’t “IT?”

Haydn's ThoughtsAshleigh Stoia