Lesson 43: From Human to Divine

Each individual houses the dark shadow, the voice of defeat, worry, gloom and doom, self-loathing or disintegration. The psychological cannibal inside of you reminds you with precision about your inadequacies, shames, regrets and fears. It is as if your soul is possessed by a fiasco of turmoil and chaos with any attempt at escape from it being thwarted by the depressing response of habit, ending up right back where you started. As Death reminds you, you are but drunk with the wine of your own fantasy.

But for the moment, imagine living not for your survival for the but for the transcendent task for which you came. Imagine that the time has come to rise above the prison cell in which you live and that the well-being of everyone on this planet is dependent upon your rising. For the Avatars have not died in vain. The sage's reminder of your divine nature is not but poetry. The prophet's voice is not diminished in the least even as life on this planet appears to remain unchanged. Even as the missiles keep flying, the treason and bloodshed continue relentlessly, it is time to answer to the hunger of the body and soul to find the reason for its being, the purpose of its existence. Or if you like, forget the weary circle of this life and escape. Give up in your quest to rise above the struggle and pain and seek the spiritual journey for which you came and for which you know you are destined. Because even if you do, you cannot change the immutable law that one day, in one lifetime, you must. So, why not now? From here, with Death's ever-present reminders of the uselessness of your efforts to transcend your imprisoned mind, you must become earnest and committed to the path of self-realization of your divine nature. Your next steps must not identified with the shadow but with the umbilical cord that tethers you to the truth of who you are and what you are doing here.

"But I forbid thy voice to slay my soul.

My love is not a hunger of the heart,

My love is not a craving of the flesh,

It came to me from God, to God returns.

Even in all that life and man have marred,

A whisper of divinity still is heard."

And later in the same reply, she clarifies:

"I cherish God the Fire, not God the Dream."

The thought of freedom, of bliss, of meaning and purpose, is not a hallucination but is real. Your life is not a brief flower but an eternal unfolding of the garden that lies inside of you. As the tension builds, Death argues with Savitri.

"O soul misled by the splendour of thy thoughts,

O earthly creature with thy dream of heaven,

Obey, resigned and still, the earthly law.

Accept the brief light that falls upon thy days;

Take what thou must of toil and grief and care.

There shall approach silencing thy passionate heart

My long calm night of everlasting sleep:

There into the hush from which thou cam'st retire."

But this is not reality, as convincing as the shadow may sound. Mistakes lead to learning. Pain leads to understanding. In the smallness lies the greatness. You have the capacity to change and to choose to wake up regardless of your past. The goal of imperfection is perfection. The goal of separation is unity. This who you are and this is what you are doing here. 

The debate continues.

"O Death, I have triumphed over thee within;

I quiver no more with the assault of grief;

A mighty calmness seated deep within

Has occupied my body and my send:

It takes the world's grief and transmutes to strength,

It makes the world's joy one with the joy of God.

My love eternal sits throned on God's calm;

For Love must soar beyond the very heavens

An find its secret sense ineffable;

It must change the human ways to ways divine,

Yet keep its sovereignty of earthly bliss.

O Death, not for heart's poignancy

Nor for my happy body's bliss alone

I have claimed from thee the living Satyavan,

But for his work and mine, our sacred charge,

Our lives are God's messengers beneath the stars;

To dwell under death's shadow they have come

Tempting God's light to earth for the ignorant race,

His love to fill the hollow in men's hearts

His bliss to heal the unhappiness of the world,

For I, the woman, am the force of God,

He the Eternal's delegate soul in man.

My will is greater than thy law, O Death;

My love is stronger than the bonds of Fate:

Our love is the heavenly seal of the Supreme.

I guard that seal against thy rending hands,

Love must not cease to live upon the earth;

For Love is the bright link twixt earth and heaven,

Love is the Transcendent angel here;

Love is man's lien on the Absolute."

From human to divine. This is the meaning of the hidden seed in mankind. It is the veiled seed in you. It is the transcendent task for which we have all been joined, each in our way, inch by inch, moving from human to the divine.