Lesson 44: A Conquering and Unslayable Will

Our work in Consciousness Studies here at WellSpring Wellness Center is about the endeavor to discover what is the reality and significance of your existence as a conscious human being in the material, physical universe and how far that discovery can lead you. Essentially, it is about the discovery of Truth in Matter.

The time could not be riper to move towards a new and comprehensive affirmation in thought… in inner and outer experience, to reach a new and rich self-fulfillment in not only your personal existence but in the world. And that's what this blog is about...to spur you on, to inspire with a thirst for wisdom, to help you find a way to create heaven on earth exactly where you are right now.

Sensations, desires, hopes, feelings, satisfactions are dependent on external things and external contacts and concerned with the practical, the immediately realizable, the habitual, the common, the average. But it regards the higher truths of life as either helpful tips or an unnecessary but pleasant luxury of imaginations but not as an inner reality. Because the mind doesn’t feel them concretely and with subsequent proof, the mind treats them as subjective and less real than the physical world.

The mind always sees the origin of pain outside of itself and never as the author of its demise. But the power of you have to possess in your consciousness the knowledge that allows you to experience transcendence and transformation and to live in that knowledge and transformation is real. The unknown is not unknowable! But the secret? The secret is that you are the secret to the enigma! But as Death admonishes and reminds Savitri:

"Thy words are large murmurs in a mystic dream,

For how in the soiled heart of man could dwell

The immaculate grandeur of thy dream-built God,

Or who can see a face and a form divine

In the naked two-legged worm thou callest man?

O human face, put off mind-painted masks;

The animal be, the worm that Nature meant;

Accept thy futile birth, thy narrow life.

For truth is bare like stone and hard like death;

Bare in the bareness, hard with truth's hardness live."

If you were nothing more than flesh and bone, nothing more than your mind, then Death is correct. Accept the futility of there being anything more than what the cards of fate have dealt you. But that is not the case and every ounce of your intuition has shown you this truth. You carry within you a truth and it is this truth that must be lived, and it this Knowledge that will serve as the bridge between the you are now and the transformed you. 

Savitri replied.

"Yes, I am human. Yet shall man by me,

Since in humanity waits his hour the God,

Trample thee down to reach the immortal heights

Transcending grief and pain and fate and death.

Yes, my humanity is a mask of God:

He dwells in me, the mover of my acts,

Turning the great wheel of his cosmic work.

I am the living body of his light,

I am the thinking instrument of his powers,

I incarnate Wisdom in an earthly breast,

I am his conquering and unslayable will.

The formless Spirit drew in me its shape;

In me are the Nameless and the secret Name."

Matter is the home in which Spirit dwells. Your body is living Matter. You are the home in which Spirit dwells. Look in  your heart and know who you are: a conquering and unslayable will.