Lesson 45: Imagination's House

The immutable laws of nature suggest that all that is physical will one day be no more. Here today, gone tomorrow. The daily work and constant vigilance of training your mind to see what your eyes cannot see can seem so daunting, if not impossible. When your world is in chaos or the physical body is in pain, it is difficult to reconcile these two eternal foes: the visible and invisible worlds...the outer you (the body) and you that lies within (the soul).

"Where Matter is all, there Spirit is a dream:

If all are the Spirit, Matter is a life,

And who was the liar who forged this universe?

The Real with the unreal cannot mate.

He would turn to God, must leave the world;

He who would live in the Spirit, must give up life;

He who has met the Self, renounces self.

The voyagers of the million routes of mind

Who have travelled through Existence to its end,

Sages exploring the world's ocean's vasts.

Have found extinction the sole harbour's safe.

Two only are the doors of man's escape,

Death of his body Matter's gate to peace,

Death of his soul his last felicity.

In me all take refuge, for I, Death, am God."

I wonder how many times I have been fooled in my own world by this same speech Death delivers to Savitri. Feeling defeated, lost, confused, doubting myself, fearing the next drop of the shoe, believing that the outer circumstances dictate the inner condition. And yet, time and time again, how many times have I experienced first hand that my heart and mind were stronger than those events, how many times I have seen the hand of Spirit at work, how many times I have had the strength of my body to bear the grief with which I struggled, faltering but never falling.

Savitri replies to Death once more.

"And if I fall, is not his hand near mine?

All is a single plan; each wayside act

Deepens the soul's response, brings nearer the goal."

Death answered with these punishing remarks and reminds her of her lover's unchanged fate.

"So prove thy absolute force to the wise gods,

By choosing earthly joy! For self demand

And yet from self and its gross masks live free.

Then I will give thee all thy soul desires,

All the brief joys earth keeps for mortal hearts.

Only the one dearest wish that outweighs all,

Hard laws forbid and ironic fate.

My will once wrought remains unchanged through Time,

And Satyavan can never again be thine."

Now, be in your own world in this moment just as it is, good or bad, and hear these same voices of doom reminding you, too, that what you desire the most is gone, can never be and will never be yours.  What is your reply? What is your answer to this voice?

Look in your heart, knowing who you are and see past the unreal shadows and fears that dwell in imagination's house and rise. For there is a truth that resides in transient things that your eyes cannot see but that your heart knows is there. And that Truth is the Truth of who you are and reveals what you are doing here.