Lesson 48: My Spirit's Liberty

Even in ignorance, knowledge increases. Even in pain, relief draws nearer.

An elementary understanding of ignorance reveals that ignorance is a mental condition that does not understand that it does not understand. It does not know that it does not know. Ignorance is the absence of right perception, dividing everything it sees into parts, rejecting some, accepting others. It is characterized by limitation and scarcity. Knowledge is based upon the perception of a unified whole, moving towards oneness, characterized by plenitude and the embracing of the multiplicity of human life. Knowledge paves the way for you to exceed your past through conscious evolution.

You will notice that ignorance and knowledge cannot be reconciled. You can defend, explain, and justify all you want but in the end, you are left perplexed and disconnected in the middle of your illusions, seeking to be right about the very mental constructs (judgments, beliefs, opinions, positions, perceptions, projections, etc.) that are at the heart of your misery! But remember, you don't know that. 

Not knowing that, it can seem so impossible that your little life, so unnoticed amid the immensities of all that exist, is endowed not only with a blueprint for fulfillment but the means by which to cause that fulfillment to occur. Mankind has demonstrated the ability to create the architecture and tools for nearly every conceivable idea. It has mastered much of the mathematics and physics to unveil many of the secrets of the universe. And yet, mankind does not know how to spiritualize itself, to evolve past war, greed, poverty, hunger, and pain. 

But Savitri does. The confrontation with Death continues.

"Once more wilt thou call Light to blind Truth's eyes,

Make knowledge a catch of the snare of ignorance

And the Word a dart to slay my living soul?

Offer, O King, thy boons to tired spirits

And hearts that could not bear the wounds of Time,

Let those who were  tied to body and mind,

Tear off those bonds and flee into white calm

Crying for a refuge from the play of God.

Surely thy Boons are great since thou art He!

But how shall I seek rest in peace

Who house the mighty Mother's violent force,

Her vision turned to read the enigmaed world,

Her will tempered in the blaze of Wisdom's sun

And the flaming silence of her heart of love?

The world is a spiritual paradox

Invented by a need in the Unseen,

A poor translation to the creature's sense

Of That which for ever exceeds idea and speech.

A symbol of what can never be symbolized,

A language mispronounced, misspelt, yet true.

Its powers have come from the eternal heights

Plunged into the inconscient dim Abyss

And risen from it to do their marvellous work."

This "marvellous work" is the spiritualization of mankind, the divinization of the soul. It is your unconciousness becoming conscious. It is your journey from the abyss to the summit.

To Death, Savitri explains further;

"The soul is a figure of the Unmanifest,

The mind labours to think the Unthinkable,

The life to call the Immortal into birth,

The body to enshrine the Illimitable.

The world is not cut off from Truth and God.


My mind is a torch lit from the eternal sun,

My life a breath drawn by the immortal Guest,

My mortal body is the Eternal's house.


I am not bound by thought or sense or shape;

I live in the glory of the Infinite,

I am near to the Nameless and Unknowable,

The Ineffable is now my household mate.

But standing on Eternity's luminous brink

I have discovered that the world was He;

I have met Spirit with spirit, Self with self,

But I have loved too the body of my God.

I have pursued him in his earthly form.

A lonely freedom cannot satisfy

A heart that has grown one with every heart:

I am a deputy of the aspiring world,

My spirit's liberty I ask for all."

And at last, in the final steps of the journey for which her life was meant, the request is made not only for herself, but for all of mankind, the request for the liberty of spirit, free from ignorance, for all, for each of us. And what would happen if all that I have, I, too, ask for everyone, all that I have become, I, too, ask for all? What would happen if you understood that if this is, then so is that? If you are divine, then so are they. If you are forgiven, then so are they. As the imminent unfolding of mankind's destiny is revealed, she reminds Death:

"In vain thou hast dug the dark unbridgeable gulf,

In vain thou hast built the blind and doorless wall:

Man's soul crosses through thee to Paradise,

Heaven's sun forces its way through death and night;

Its light is seen upon our being's verge."