Lesson 52: The Soul's Choice

At last, Death has been vanquished and in its place, perfection and bliss have found their way home. Satyavan is back in Savitri’s arms once again, delivered from the endless Night.

Aurobindo reminds us of who we are, underneath our play of unconsciousness and painful delight of always reaching but never touching, always travelling but never arriving, always seeking but never finding.

“Traveller and hewer of the unseen paths,

He is the carrier of the hidden fire,

He is the Voice of the Ineffable,

He is the invisible hunter of the light,

The Angel of mysterious ecstasies,

The conqueror of the kingdoms of the soul.”

Aurobindo continues to teach us the majestic wisdom that mankind seeks as the centuries pass before us and we wind our way up the stairway to heaven.

“An all-wise Truth is mystic in his heart,

The omniscient Ray is shut behind his lids:

He is the Wisdom that comes not by thought,

His wordless silence brings the immortal word.

He sleeps in the atom and the burning star,

He sleeps in man and god and beast and stone:

Because he is there the Inconscient does its work,

Because he is there their world forgets to die.

He is the centre of the circle of God,

He the circumstance of Nature’s run.

His slumber is an Almightiness in things,

Awake, he is the Eternal and Supreme.”

And in this simple moment of the next breath, perhaps you are are willing to consider listening to the following words, like an anthem that can turn your greatest fears and losses into trails of forgotten sights and sounds, arising not from this reading but from your own heart.

“Ascend, O soul, into thy blissful home

Here in the playground of the eternal Child

Or in domains the wise immortals tread

Roam with thy comrade splendour under skies

Spiritual lit by an unsetting sun

As godheads live who care not for the world

And share not in the toil of Nature’s powers:

Absorbed in their self-ecstasy they dwell

Cast off the ambiguous myth of earth’s desire

O, immortal, to felicity arise.”

At last, the meeting with infinity has occurred and the veils of ignorance have been pulled back, revealing that the thing that you always yearned for is the thing that you already are. Where you thought yourself imprisoned in some way, you discover you were the jailer. And now, you see the opportunity to smile in the middle of the process of your becoming, warts and all. And amid the immensity of this universe, you see that Earth is the chosen place for this wrestling match to occur…and you are part of it. Earth is the battlefield of the heroic soul to experience what Aurobindo’s work was all about…the divinization of mankind…and you are part of it.

But are there not yet a million more battles to fight, to lift mankind from darkness to light? Is the solitary bliss that Savitri has achieved enough? Is your own release enough? What is your soul’s choice?