Lesson 53: To Dare the Impossible

It would appear that once Satyavan has been returned to her and Death has been defeated, Savitri’s purpose is at last realized.

But, perhaps, it is true for each of us that a greater task is called for. Perhaps another wrestling match with the gods and demons of our inner and outer worlds needs to begin. Success today fades tomorrow. What is gained today is often lost somewhere down the road. There is no escape from the task of evolving and becoming. Just when you thought you were done, it is time to take another step. For there is no safety but inner safety. There is no true strength but inner strength. And it is a never ending journey. The soul without end seeks to experience itself, to realize itself in human form.

Savitri speaks to the bliss of an unknown eternity

“A heavier tread is mine, a mightier touch.

There where the gods and demons battling night

Or wrestle along the borders of the Sun,

Taught by the sweetness and the pain of life

To bear the uneven strenuous beat that throbs

Against the edge of some divinest hope,

To dare the impossible with these pangs of search,

In me the spirit of immortal love

Stretches his arms out to embrace mankind.

Too far thy heavens for me from suffering men.

Imperfect is the joy not shared by All.

I know that I can lift man’s soul to God,

I know that he can bring the Immortal down.

Our will labours permitted by thy will

And without thee an empty roar of storm,

A senseless whirlwind in the Titan’s force

And without thee a snare the strengths of gods.

Let no the inconscient gulf swallow man’s race,

That through earth’s ignorance struggles towards thy Light.

O Thunderer with the lightnings of the soul,

Give not to darkness and to death thy sun,

Achieve they wisdom’s hidden firm decree

And the mandate of thy secret world-wide love.”

It seems as if there is a shore that few ever reach, a peace that few ever find, a world that is reserved for mystics and seers of other worlds. But how could that be since all are made from the comic mud?

“A few can climb to an unperishing sun

Or live on the edges of the mystic moon,

And channel to earth-mind wizard ray.

The heroes in the demigod's are few

To whom the close immortal voices speak

And to their acts the heavenly clan are near.

Few are the silences in which Truth is heard,

Unveiling the timeless utterance in her deeps;

Few are the splendid moments of the seers.

Heaven’s call is rare or, rarer the heart that heeds;

The doors of light are sealed to common mind

And earth's needs nailed to earth the human mass,

Only in an uplifting hour of stress

Men answer to the touch of greater things:

Or, raised by some strong hand to breathe heaven air,

They slide back to the mud from which they climbed;

In the mud of which they are made, whose law they know

They joy in safe return to a friendly base.

And, though something in them weeps for glory lost

And greatness murdered, they accept their fall.

To be the common man they think the best,

To live as others live is their delight.

For most are built on nature's early plan

And owe small debt to a superior plane;

The human average is their level pitch

A thinking animal’s material range.

In the long ever mounting hierarchy,

In the stark economy of cosmic life

Each creature to its appointed task and place

Is bound by his nature's form, his spirits force.”

It can now be seen and understood that in spite of man’s failings, it is man’s task to unlock the doorway to heaven on earth. That means you. While the high and dazzling light shines above, you remain fixed and frozen between it and the black and brutal path of an unconscious life. But your soul is greater than your fate. You are not obligated to remain unconscious any longer for that learning has been achieved and is of no further use. Yes, you learn through pain but it only ignorance that keeps repeating the harsh cycle. If “Tat Tvam Asi” is true, then the world is true. If God made earth, the earth must make God for that is what earth is. Heaven is now.

But Savitri sees her circumstance as unacceptable as long as bliss is only hers. There is the issue of the world, of human kind.

“I claim thee for the worlds that thou hast made.

If man lives bound by his humanity,

If he is tied for ever to his pain,

Let a greater being then arise from man,

The superhuman with the Eternal mate

And the Immortal shine through early forms.

Else were creation vain and this great world

A nothing that in Time’s moments seem to be.

But I have seen through the insentient mask;

I have felt a secret spirit stir in things

Carrying the body of the growing God;

It looks through veiling forms forms with veilless truth;

It pushes back the curtain of the gods;

It climbs toward its own eternity.”

For you are the force by which the world was made. You are the vision unfulfilled by the will and voice of God. For you and Spirit are the same, always have been and always will be. The power of unconsciousness and the power of consciousness are the bookends of Time. The moment has come to dare the impossible and fulfill task for which you came. To awaken.